Zadar, Višnjik, new building

Zadar Višnjik: A newly built modern-style apartment complex in a prime location

The modern-style apartment complex located in the Višnjik district in Zadar is characterized by its simplicity, elegance, and modern design. The carefully selected location in a highly sought-after urban area meets all criteria for modern urban living with all the essential amenities for a comfortable family life and quick access to all locations in the city.

It is located within a fifteen-minute pleasant walk from the Zadar peninsula, the city center, and the beautiful beaches and five minutes from the Višnjik Sports Center. Proximity to shopping, nurseries, schools, and other institutions is one of the advantages offered by this location.

The project included the construction of two buildings connected by an underground garage accessed through the central part of the complex. There are a total of forty-one residential units in two buildings, each with five floors. The buildings contain one-room, two-room, and three-room apartments, as well as studios.

When planning each residential unit, the emphasis was placed primarily on functional room arrangements and maximum utilization of space. The thoughtfully designed environment of the building contributes to complete enjoyment of living, with a play area for children and green garden spaces on the ground floor that provide peace and relaxation.

The horticultural design in a Mediterranean style was adapted to the climate. The ground-floor apartments have large gardens, providing owners with complete privacy and comfort in their own green oasis.

To contribute to preserving nature and a clean and healthy environment, residents are provided with a charging station for electric vehicles, the latest safe waste collection and disposal method in underground containers and grease separators for water treatment from traffic surfaces.

All residential units are equipped with a heating/cooling system with the ability to be managed via smartphones and a central lighting control system with a single switch. The use of high-quality materials and equipment ensures very low energy consumption, and the residential units have an energy certificate of A.

All entryways to the buildings and garage are equipped with video surveillance and electronic access control. A central anti-scale system has been installed for worry-free living. The scope of the project includes the selection of the location, the conceptual phase, preparation and planning, the construction of a modern multi-story building, construction monitoring and control, and the sale of residential spaces.