Why Iadera Nord?

Why Iadera Nord?
Some historical records say that Jadera, from which today's Zadar developed, was founded as a colony of Roman citizens by Julius Caesar himself. Although Iadera Nord is not a Roman building, but will be modern and new, you will have real "Caesar privileges" in it.

Location, location, location...
Why is it unique and what could a day look like if you were going to live in Iadera Nord?

Well, let's say, if you have children, send them off with a kiss and leave them at the kindergarten, which is only a few minutes' walk away. After that, you can easily, without stress, have a coffee in a nearby cafe, and then go to work. For those of you who have older children, it is even better for you, because they can go to school on their own, which is a minute's walk from their apartment.

When you come home from work, like all of us, you will surely have a schedule of children's leisure activities waiting for you, usually stuck on the fridge with a magnet. The older one enjoys swimming, the younger one gymnastics, the middle one would switch from athletics to rhythmic, and all you lucky people who will live in Iadera Nord apartments, you can carelessly wave at your little ones from the loggia or window and let them go on their own, since ŠRC Višnjik is 300 meters away. There is no sitting in the car, driving, waiting and stress because at the same time you have a bunch of household chores waiting for you at home. Now everything is so close to you that, while the kids train carefree, you can relax and finally enjoy time for yourself and your own activities.

If that time also means an active life, training and sports for you, then put a bag on your shoulder and in a few minutes you are on the fields, trails and swimming pools of Višnjik or in the hall of the trendiest fitness center.

If in the summer you want a quick refreshment in the sea or your apartment is occupied  by friends and relatives from the continent the beaches of Uskok, Kolovare, Borik are within easy reach. If you do not live in the apartment, but have bought it for rent to tourists, get them bicycles or scooters and in a few minutes they are in the city center, on the Peninsula, in a bar, restaurant, fish market, market, at Greeting to the Sun.

If you are one of those who like to cook in situations when you run out of flour, eggs, sugar, or you have unplanned guests, again good for you. The shopping center is right there, in a minute or two.

All in all...

This superb new construction offers you much more than a home. Iadera nord provides an experience of complete comfort and ease of living.

As the integrated team of professionals and experts of Madria Invest point out we combined the best of two worlds - urban dinamic and tradition, calmness and lightness of the Dalmatian man and mentality.

Definitely, the Iadera Nord project is not a cold concrete residential complex like many, but represents a community that will follow you, grow and develop together with you.

And finally, for all your questions, the authorized, expert agents Ivana and Tatijana, as well as the two office coordinators Maja and Martina, are here for you.